3D Crosswalk At Medford School Increases Safety: Officials

MEDFORD, MA — The city’s first “three-dimensional” crosswalk was installed outside the Brooks Elementary School this month. The crosswalk, an optical illusion painted to look like floating blocks in the middle of the road, has been successful in lowering speeds in other cities, school officials said.

The effort started as an idea from fifth-grade student Eric and fourth-grade student Isa, who are members of the Brooks Center of Citizenship and Social Responsibility. They proposed the idea to Mayor Burke, who loved the idea and invited them to speak at the Traffic Commission meeting on Feb. 13, 2018, according to a press release.

Their vision was realized over April vacation. The city commissioned local artist Nate Swain to paint the crosswalk at the end of a driveway where cars pick up students before turning onto Allston Street. Swain told the Boston Globe he’d been “dying” to paint one after seeing pictures of traffic calming illusions.

The city plans to paint 3-D crosswalks at the other three elementary schools, according to the Boston Globe.

See how the project came to life below:

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