Adam Cole On How WWE ‘Controls Trends’ in Pro Wrestling, His NXT Debut, Relationship with Kevin Owens

WWE NXT star Adam Cole recently spoke with MLive and below are some interview highlights:

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On his NXT debut:

“I always think back to that first night in Brooklyn, where I debuted, and it was this total surprise,” he said, “I just remember thinking, ‘I hope they care, I hope they remember me.’

“The way they embraced me that night, I knew it was the start of something special.”

On his presence in WWE:

“It’s crazy, WWE very much controls trends in the industry, and I think they realized these guys have made a name for themselves across the country and the world and they thought ‘We can do something bigger with them,’” Cole said. “I look around and see guys that I’ve been on the road and traveled the world with in a WWE locker room, and we still think it’s surreal.

“At least once a week, one of us will look at the other and just say ‘can you believe we’re really all here?’”

On his relationship with Kevin Owens:

“Kevin has always gone above and beyond in being supportive of me in my journey,” he said. “To have him there to support me was awesome. Talk about another friendship that will never go away.”

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