Aiden English Set For Major Singles Push?

When a tag team is broken up due to one partner leaving the company, which was the fate that befell the Vaudevillains this week when Simon Gotch was released from his contract, it could spell bad news for the other people involved in the team. However, the release was apparently a mutually agreed upon deal, and rather than this harming his former partner, Aiden English, it might be just what he needed.
Reportedly, the wrestler is set for a possible singles push now that he is no longer in a tag team. This week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer states that English will definitely receive more attention on Smackdown and will likely revert back to his singing gimmick that he briefly used in NXT, before being put in the Vaudevillains. 
What exactly the future holds for English and his former partner, Simon Gotch, has not definitely been made clear. Gotch was released earlier this week after he supposedly still had backstage heat on him ever since his real-life fight with Sin Cara last year. English, on the other hand, is a legitimate “theatre kid” and will likely excel in the role more so than he did being a silent-film star.

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