Alberto El Patron Suspended by GFW, Paige Takes Battery Credit

Alberto El Patron has been the talk of the wrestling world lately due to a recent incident involving himself and his girlfriend, WWE Diva Paige. Alberto is currently under investigation for a possible domestic violence battery issue that occurred earlier in the week at an Orlando airport. Audio was later released to TMZ that seemed to indicate that a crying Paige was actively trying to get away from Patron shortly before the investigation was made official. Pro Wrestling Sheet recently had a representative of the Orlando Police Department reveal that Alberto El Patron is currently the only suspect in the investigation, but Paige seems to suggest otherwise.
Paige claimed yesterday that she was actually the one who was held for battery during the airport incident. She states that she threw a drink at Alberto, and she also called out the woman who recorded the audio and lent it to TMZ. Paige stated in her statement that no charges were made official and that no arrests took place, which is accurate thus far. Despite this, Paige claims that the police named Alberto as their suspect, but the department maintains that the case is still under investigation as of right now. Paige’s family have since come out against Patron, and it is likely that more details about the incident will be coming out as the weeks go by.
In related news, GFW has announced that due to the airport issue, the company has decided to suspend Patron indefinitely The full statement reads as follows: “Global Force Wrestling has indefinitely suspended Alberto El Patron, effective immediately, until the investigation is resolved following a recent incident in Orlando, Florida.” Paige had claimed before that she received bad news about her sick uncle before a woman dumped water onto Patron. That same woman, who also recorded the audio, later came forward in an interview with, and she stated that Paige was accusing Patron of using drugs before the incident took place. Alberto El Patron is currently the GFW Heavyweight Champion, but Jeff Jarrett has stated that all taped footage involving Patron will be used on future Impact broadcasts.

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