An Update On Ric Flair’s Condition

Following the story of Ric Flair’s medical issues that began on Saturday, Dave Meltzer of the wrestling observer reported on some more details of Ric’s medical condition. Flair’s surgery yesterday was to remove an intestinal blockage, supporting what Gene Oakerland posted on his Facebook yesterday. However, the blockage seems to have caused many other health issues for Flair, including the shutting down of his kidneys leading to Flair being put on dialysis for the time being.
The WWE also gave another mention of Flair’s medical issues tonight during Smackdown, saying Ric was resting comfortably but was still in critical condition and not revealing much in the way of detail.
At this point, while it has been reported Flair’s surgery was successful, it is not known if he has been revived from his medically induced coma, or if there are any other severe health concerns brought on by the intestinal blockage. Also if his kidneys are going to be able to recover or if he may end up needing a transplant. Ric’s alcoholism had been brought up earlier, but as it relates to his heart. One has to wonder if his kidneys also have damage from alcoholism over the course of his lifetime. But without official word from anyone close to the situation, we are only guessing as to what the extent of Ric’s condition really is for the time being.

We will keep all of you up to date as more information arrives.