Andrea Giani to be a new coach of PGE Skra Belchatow?

Andrea Giani, a living legend of world volleyball, may be employed for a post of the new head-coach of PGE Skra Belchatow. Giani confirmed Skra is interested to indenture him and he is feel like to touch down in Poland because there is no chances to get a lucrative job in Italy while Poland is the best place to work.

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PGE Skra Bełchatow has played the worst season since 10 years. Not only did not Skra achieve a medal in Polish League but the team was not able to qualify for semifinal being defeated after exciting duels against Resovia Rzeszow. ‘’The black and yellow’’ missed the National Cup as well as the Champions League despite lost only one game during the whole tournament’s cruise.

All the failures was conditioned by many various factors, including injuries of key players, nevertheless, team sponsors are painfully absolute in their judgements and required radical changes. It seems hence that a first victim of this cleaning will be the Polish head-coach Jacek Nawrocki and he will probably be cut off. 

There are numerous indications that the vacant in Belchatow will be completed by a foreign coach. The main candidate seems to be a legend of volleyball Andrea Giani who actually does not act at the club area and he is only an Mauro Berruto’s assist in Italian National team.  

Being asked the authenticity of the information about his transfer , Andrea Giani claimed in the pages of “La Gazzetta dello Sport”;

“I can confirm that Skra was in touch with me a few weeks ago. At some point, it seemed I will join the team already in the mid-season. Perhaps, this season was not perfect for Belchatow, nevertheless, Skra is still really strong team. As I know, its team manager is going to change the head-coach and it will take place at 99% and I am one of the major candidate.’’  

Andrea Giani was an outstanding players who was included among the best players in history and taken to The Volleyball Hall of Fame in Holyoke. In 2007, he started out his coaching professional career working with Cimone Modena and won the Challenge Cup 2008 at once. Then, he also took care of Roma Volley players. Today Andrea Giani that thinks working in Italy is unprofitable;

“It is not easy to work in Italy. Team management usually starts from buying a player, trainers are the latest in a long list. Coaches are not respected and are offered very little money”; Giani complains.


Andrea Giani would be another Italian’s volleyball superstar who move into Plus Liga as Lorenzo Bernardi has been already training Jastrzebski Wegiel since 3 years.

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