(Audio) CM Punk Interview: When He Decided To Stay In WWE, His Return

CM PUNK appeared on the BS Report radio show this wee, hosted by ESPN’s Bill Simmons. You can listen to audio of the interview at ESPN.com. Here’s a recap of what CM Punk said about:

Why he returned so soon:

It would be cool to stay off television for a while but SummerSlam is now and he wanted to capitalize on the momentum of the angle. He enjoys working with John Cena and likes their feud. He still loves what he does.

Wrestlers boring him:

He grew very bored of pro wrestling and still is at times. Certain guys on the roster do the same thing day-in and day-out and that’s not him. He questions everything and tries new things – and whatever he’s doing right now is working.

His epic shoot promo on RAW several weeks ago:

He knew WWE would cut him off at some point – but he wanted to push the envelope as much as he could. It was not scripted – everything he said was from the heart. He understood certain things are off limits – and he did go too far with a few of his comments.

Whether he was really leaving WWE:

His mind was made up to leave WWE. He made the decision to stay in WWE the day of the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. He wasn’t playing games or trying to get more money from WWE – he was very burnt out and spent a lot of time weighing his options.

His new theme song “Cut of Personality”:

He’s a big advocate of wrestlers changing their characters – their look, their music, etc. It was time to change. It probably cost WWE a lot of money to license the song and he’s worth it.

* LISTEN HERE: “Cult of Personality” Music Video

(Source: ESPN.com)