Becky Lynch On Becoming A Heel, Nikki Cross' Talent, Women's Landscape

WWE Superstar Becky Lynch recently spoke with for an interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On becoming a heel character in WWE: “I’d like to be a heel [wrestling slang for a villain] again, absolutely. However there are still so many elements of my personality that have yet to come out – I’d like to do more comedy, for example, and show all the elements of Becky Lynch. Then maybe an attitude adjustment would be in order, but we’ll see how things pan out.”

On Nikki Cross’ talent and ability: “I think Nikki is amazing. I can’t wait to face her and work with her. The way she moves around is terrific, and the aggressiveness she has is great. She can be a real asset for the women’s division and I would love to see her on SmackDown.”

On the WWE and NXT women’s divisions continuing to progress: “The next goal for us is that all the women want to main event Wrestlemania. As far as getting opportunities we really are getting them, so hopefully we’ll get ladder matches and Elimination Chamber matches down the line. We’re already getting to do cage matches, tables matches and that’s really exciting. We just need to keep moving in the direction we are moving in and the destination will be beautiful.”

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