Big E On Which Superstar He Would Add To The New Day

In a promotional interview for this Sunday’s Money In The Bank event at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Big E revealed who he would add to his crew if he had to.

In an interview with, The New Day member claims that he, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods always saw their group as a faction that would expand beyond the original three members. Big E says that although he thinks the group is a perfect fit right now with just the three of them, he would add Sasha Banks to the mix if he had to choose a fourth member.

“We’re all such big Sasha Banks fans—I think she would add a different dynamic, though she’s such a strong, beloved character that I don’t think she needs to be surrounded by anyone,” Big E said. “But if we were forced to pick someone, it would be Sasha Banks.”

Big E also talked about Money In The Bank, and said he’s excited to see Seth Rollins bounce back from his knee injury, and says Cena vs. Styles is a match fans have waited a very long time to see. You can read his entire interview here.

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