Bobby Lashley Interview: What Happens If TNA Goes Under, Vince vs. Dixie

Former TNA Champion Bobby Lashley was a guest on the latest episode of Submission Radio. Here are some highlights of what Lashley said about:

TNA’s Future On Destination America: “I don’t think they’re going anywhere right now, whether it’s Destination America, Spike, or whatever it is. I’m sure they’re going to be able to reach an agreement, reach a deal where they’re going to have a home, and they’re going to be there for a long time.

If they leave Destination America I think it would be a shame because of the amount of talent that we have on that show. I mean for the people that watch TNA, they know the kind of talent. I mean there’s some really big names there. I mean you got the Hardy Boyz, you got Kurt Angle, myself, MVP. There’s a lot of really high – Bobby Roode, Eric Young. There’s a lot of really, really good – Kennedy – over there.

I mean there’s so many guys over there that it would be…..if they do die, there would be another promotion somewhere that’s just ready to scoop up all these guys and already have a main level roster right off the bat. So I don’t know. I don’t see it happening. It’d be ridiculous for them to part ways. If anybody leaves it’s going to be TNA leaving to go somewhere else.”

NXT: “I think it’s great. I think what they’re doing down there is great. They’re building some guys up so those guys learning how to be superstars and do some big things, and when they do come up to the main roster, they’re ready because they do get a little bit of superstar status when they’re there because they have a TV channel and everything like that.

The only thing that I wish that they would do is that there’s a lot of guys out right now that they could really use to kind of mix into their program that I think would give those guys even bigger boosts. You have guys like Shelton Benjamin, you have Chris Masters, Carlito, you have John Morrison, you have a lot of really, really good guys out there, but they’re like “No. We’re not going to touch those guys because we really want to develop these younger guys”. I understand that, but I think [Hurricane] Helms said it best, it’s like you can’t go to a professional game and not have some of the professionals out there. And I think what they have going on right now they have some really good names, I think they should just kind of mix it up a little bit more.

And then another thing is I think they should use some of the guys that are out there right now, instead of these guys traveling around the world, independent promotions all over the place. You’ve already built these guys up, might as well use them to boost your guys and then give them an honorable retirement after the deal?”

Working For Vince McMahon & Dixie Carter:  “I think Vince is more of a business man and Dixie is more of a like a family person. Dixie kind of stays away from the business aspect and lets the people run the company, but at the same time Dixie is so big on the family, and I have no problem brining my kids there, bringing them backstage, meeting the guys and everything like that. She wants it to be more of a family environment. Whereas Vince, it’s business. It’s really business in the WWE. I mean both of them have their great qualities, but I think that’s the big difference between the two.”

Lashley was also asked if he’d consider returning to WWE before he retires to the ring. Lashley said “sure.”

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