Braun Strowman Reportedly Working Injured

According to a report by the Wrestling Observer Radio, WWE Raw Superstar, Braun Strowman is currently working injured, with an arm injury.

However, Dave Meltzer stated that whilst Strowman is currently working injured that is not the reason that WWE decided to take him out of the Money In The Bank ladder match, which is what happened on WWE Raw this week when Sami Zayn took his place.

Meltzer stated:

“The thing is – the Braun Strowman being taken out of the match is part of a longer story that will play out… He’s hurt – he’s clearly hurt, but he’s not hurt enough to be taking time off. That’s not why he’s not in the match, no.”

H/T to CageSideSeats for the transcription.

Source :

Wrestling Observer Radio

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