British Bulldog's Daughter On Her Father In WWE HOF, Who Should Induct Him

The following are highlights of a new “Last Word On Sports” interview with the daughter of the late WWE legend “The British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith.

First and foremost, how does it feel to be the daughter of the legendary British Bulldog and niece to the iconic Hart family?

Well, I always remember my dad as just being my dad, his wrestling character will always be second to that. But, him as the man he was, and him as the wrestler, I deeply miss him everyday. I carry and hold a lot of pride, honour, and respect because of my dad’s, and my family’s legacy, accomplishments, and impact they made in professional wrestling.

We have seen your brother, Harry, have a successful stint in the WWE and now is doing very well within the independent circuit. Have you ever thought about making the transition into the wrestling industry? After all it’s in your genes.

I’ve never had any interest whatsoever in being a diva or wrestler at all. If I were to ever make the transition, it would be like what Renee Young does with her doing interviews and WWE specials. I did go to college for TV, radio, and broadcasting. I also did internships at TV shows, and radio, so I do have background and experience being involved with TV/media. I don’t think my dad would’ve been too pleased if I went down the wrestling route, especially with him and my family knowing what my dreams and goals are in life, and they don’t involve wrestling. I also have seen a lot of negatives in wrestling in general, that have given me a bad taste. For that reason I have no interest in going down the diva or wrestling route, despite being brought up with it. I saw how much my dad gave for wrestling, and how he literally broke his back for the business, I can’t say I could ever do that for wrestling.

Bret and Vince decided to bury the hatchet and now both parties maintain a cordial albeit professional relationship. Do you feel this will make it more easier for the British Bulldog to be recognised and inducted into the Hall of Fame?

I don’t think it has any kind of influence really. The WWE do what they want when they want. My dad also never had any bad blood or ill feelings towards Vince or the WWE, of vice versa. My dad did wrestle for WWE even after Bret was gone, so I can’t say Bret burying the hatchet with Vince has made it easier for my dad to get inducted, when it really has/had no effect. But I was with Bret last night, and he was saying he didn’t understand why Davey and Owen aren’t in the HOF yet? Bret said they deserve to be in it, including Jim Neidhart, Dynamite and Brian Pillman over a lot of guys who have been previously inducted.

What would it mean to the Hart and the Smith family for the British Bulldog to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?

It’s important first and foremost for my brother and I to be able to see my dad get the honour and be awarded with the WWE Hall of Fame, which has been long awaited, and rightfully deserved. I hope my dad’s dad will still be alive and at the ceremony when the induction happens.

Do you think the WWE owes it to your family by inducting him into the WWE Hall of Fame?

I think they owe it to Harry, myself, my mom, along with my dad’s family in England. I think for everything my dad did for WWE, and the big of star he was, I think it’s been long overdue. But again, WWE do things the way they want and when they want.

Who do you feel would be the best person to induct him into the Hall of Fame?

I think my brother Harry would be the best person to do that along with my Mom, as it was hard for her with Davey gone so much with two children. And let’s not forget that my Mom had a huge part in some of Davey’s storylines from 95 through to 97, she was on the road a lot too working with him, and so she deserves to be on that stage along with Harry if/when the time comes.

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