Brock Lesnar Talks About The Destructive Life Of Pro Wrestlers

In an interview with Minnesota’s Star Tribune newspaper, UFC Heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar once again talked about his life as a pro wrestler while hyping his title fight at the UFC 100 Pay-Per-View this Saturday night. To read the full story, visit

Lesnar gets a lot of heat from the MMA community about his time as a pro wrestler, but he says signing with WWE was a no brainer after Vince McMahon offered him $250,000 and a multi-year contract. “Here I was wondering how I was going to buy myself a beer and a steak after the national tournament, reaching down and pulling out lint,” Lesnar said. “It was pretty easy. Go with a sure thing. And the sure thing at the time was becoming a pro wrestler.” When Lesnar left WWE, he was midway through a contract that was netting him millions a year.

Unfortunately, life on the road was not worth the deluxe salary. With the fame and money came a self-destructive lifestyle fueled by alcohol and pain pills, namely vodka and Vicodin. “You’re in a different city every night,” he said. “You can be whoever you want to be. You can sit in your hotel room and rot to death or you can go out and … just use your imagination. And I didn’t use my imagination, I was living it. Really, I was a young man, 22 years old. Bank accounts overflowing and everything else.”

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