Bruno Sammartino not taking bookings outside Pittsburgh

It seems that the retired former WWWF World Champion is no longer taking appearance bookings outside his home area of Pittsburg. His Business manager Sal Corrente has sent along a notice to anyone so that the wrestling legend will not be inundated with offers from outside the area to appear. The statement reads:
Please pass this along to anyone in the Wrestling Community regarding Bruno Sammartino.
While just about anyone is free to contact me as I pass along all offers although Bruno Sammartino is retired from attending events outside of Pittsburgh. In speaking with Bruno today he tells me numerous people have called his home with offers for bookings, your calls will not be accepted and messages will not be returned. In speaking with Bruno he doesn’t understand why are announcing he was retiring that people are still contacting us about bookings. Now in saying that we continue to accept offers for Private Signings if they are held in Pittsburgh only. We have already done one and believe we will be doing another one if your interests go beyond that I have only gotten indication that Bruno is permanently retired from traveling to autograph events and personal appearances. I hope that everyone can understand that Bruno traveled for many years and very much enjoys his time with family. Thank You

The man whom the WWE is built upon is now north of 80 years old and wishes to spend more time with his family. Bruno helped launch the company as its top star and separate away from the NWA in 1963 when he was named the champion and kept the belt until 1971 in losing it to Ivan Koloff. Bruno had runs in and out of the ring until the 1980’s when he became an announcer for a while as part of a settlement with Vince McMahon Jr. when it was revealed that Vince’s father had swindled Bruno out of a lot of money in the 1970s and a legal battle may commence.


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