Cena On Decision To Use His Real Name, Origins Of "You Can't See Me"

During a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, which also included Matthew McConaughey and others, John Cena spoke about a number of interesting topics.

Cena spoke about his early “Prototype” character and how it came to be and how things ended up with him using his real name.

“It’s trial and error with a lot of errors,” Cena said of various gimmicks and characters early in his career. “My first try was The Prototype which was half-man, half-machine and 100 percent crap.”

When asked if the early character worked, Cena replied, “No! No it didn’t!”

Regarding the decision to use his real name, Cena said, “People think like, ‘hey man, how did you make up the name John Cena?’ I was like, ‘no dude, I would have made up the name Dick Hammerbush or something cool.'”

Cena continued, talking about the origins of his “You Can’t See Me” gesture.

“I was dared to do it,” Cena admitted. “I was actually making the music to my own theme song and we played it for my brother… He was our litmus test to see what songs were good and what were bad. He did this (Cena puts his hand in front of his face and starts bobbing his head). I’m like, ‘dude what are you doing?’ And now for 15 years, because of a dare, I’ve been doing this [does you can’t see me]. And I’ll do you one better, people actually think I’m invisible.”

Check out John Cena’s appearance on The Graham Norton Show below.