Charlotte Flair Rumored to Turn on Her Team at Backlash

Ever since she arrived to Smackdown after the Superstar Shakeup, Charlotte Flair has been treated like a hero on the blue brand. She almost immediately was granted a title shot for Naomi’s Smackdown Women’s Championship, and many fans were shocked when Alexa Bliss became the first woman to win both titles and not “The Queen.” During her title match, a new stable called the Welcoming Committee (consisting of Natalya, Carmella, James Ellsworth, and Tamina), attacked Charlotte and cost her the match because they did not like the idea of her immediately getting a title match after switching brands. Now Flair is going to team up with Naomi and Becky Lynch to face the Welcoming Committee at Backlash next Sunday.
Despite teaming with the fan-favorites, it seems that the ‘good girl’ run for Charlotte may be short-lived. The Wrestling Observer reports that many WWE officials would prefer for Flair to continue portraying a villain on television. Hence the reason why on the most recent Smackdown, Charlotte argued with her teammates after losing a match to Natalya. It is very possible that she could turn on her friends and either align with the Welcoming Committee, or go back to working alone as early as Backlash next week. WWE do apparently want to turn Charlotte and have her be the hero of the women’s division, but they feel that right now is not the appropriate time to pull the trigger.
If you include her time on NXT, Charlotte has played both roles on a few separate occasions before. She has proven in the past that she is definitely capable of working with what is given to her, and some claim that she either is, or will be, the greatest female professional wrestler of all time. Flair’s run as a four-time Raw Women’s Champion and as a woman with a 16-0 undefeated streak on pay-per-views however, proved to be the most noteworthy one of her career. WWE is not ready to lose one of the best villains they have around today, especially since they still have stars like Becky Lynch and Naomi putting smiles on people’s faces. We’ll see what happens with Charlotte at the Backlash show in Chicago on May 20th.

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