Chris Jericho Comments On Being Moved To WWE’s Alumni Section & Being Taken Out Of Opening TV Package

All Elite Wrestling star, Chris Jericho recently discussed WWE moving him to the alumni section and taking him out of its opening video package. Jericho was moved and taken out of the ‘Then, Now, and Forever’ video package on the day of the AEW rally, when Jericho was announced as a roster member.

During his latest Talk Is Jericho episode, the wrestling legend went into detail discussing WWE’s decisions. Below are some highlights with a H/T to for the transcriptions.

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On being moved to WWE’s alumni section:

“Once I left, I was gone. There was a big brouhaha with people saying, ‘Oh, as soon as Jericho appeared at the rally he was moved from the active roster to the alumni on the WWE website.’ Why wouldn’t I be? I’m not in the WWE anymore,”¬†stated Jericho.¬†“I am WWE alumni and proud WWE alumni but why would I still be on the active roster? I’m not there anymore”

On being taken out of the “Then, Now, and Forever” opening video package:

“People were saying I was taken out of the Then, Now, and Forever video. Again, why wouldn’t I be? Why would you promote somebody on your show that’s working for another show? That’s business. I would be surprised if I was still in the video. Same reason Vince took me out of the casket match against Undertaker at Greatest Royal Rumble. Why would you put me in a spotlight match when two weeks later I’m going to be on AXS TV in the main event against Naito? I get that. It doesn’t bother me.”

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