Chris Jericho Takes Aim At The Internet, Calls Us "Puppets"

WWE RAW superstar Chris Jericho posted a few messages on Twitter this week taking aim at “Internet experts” who reported that he is leaving WWE for the next few months.

It’s been reported for months that Jericho’s WWE contract is expiring soon and Jericho’s stipulation that he would leave WWE if he didn’t win the WWE title at Night of Champions coincided with these reports. Our WWE sources still say that Jericho will be taking off the rest of the year very soon – despite the fact that he wrestled at this week’s RAW tapings. But Jericho is now jumping on the Internet crowd that he often plays to. Jericho wrote on Twitter this week:

“Hey Internet…Im a heel. Heels lie, therefore if I say something boastfully and reneg on it, it’s not an official stipulation. Smarten up!”

.. and he followed up with:

“Hello Internet experts. Allow me to explain something to u kiddies. Winning and losing means nothing if you do it properly. I would be happy to lose to every single one of you and watch your faces as I walk out of the arena with more heat than before. Watch and learn children. Sit back and let the real experts work our magic as we make u behave like the puppets that you are. Cheers!”

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