Chris Jericho’s 2017 Schedule,Possible Sasha/Charlotte Match Stip

Chris Jericho’s WWE Schedule for 2017
As was previously reported, the WWE doesn’t have any plans for Chris Jericho going into Wrestlemania 33 in Orlando, Florida next year. Jericho is expected to take a break from in-ring action, as his band Fozzy will begin touring the various summer festival gigs, starting with Welcome to Rockville, which kicks off in late April. Fozzy are also set to appear at Rocklahoma and Carolina Rebellion the following month.
With Fozzy having recently signed a new record deal with Century Media in October, much of Jericho’s time is going to be spent recording material for a new album. Although WWE officials have nothing in store for Jericho, it’s still a possibility that the 6x World Champion will be involved in the biggest show of the year before taking a hiatus.

Update on Possible Sasha Banks/Charlotte Roadblock Match Stipulation
WWE are reportedly interested in having Charlotte challenge Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s Championship, with a possible match scheduled to take place at Roadblock: End of the Line in two weeks time.
Although nothing is set in stone and like many things in the WWE, this could all change, but company officials are floating the idea of a steel cage match to follow on from their Hell in a Cell match back in October.

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