CM Punk Says He Would Not Accept an Invite to the White House, Calls Donald Trump a Racist? (Video)

During media appearances this week hyping his UFC 225 fight on Saturday night, CM Punk was asked about the recent news of President Donald Trump uninviting the SuperBowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles to the White House. Punk was also asked if he would accept an invitation to White House, and Punk said he would not.

“Number one I would not be invited,” Punk explained. “And number two, no, I would not go. [If] David Duke invites me over for tacos, I’m not doing to David Duke’s house, you know what I mean? Come on. Call it like I see it. A racist is a racist. I don’t care if you’re in the White House or you live down the street from me”.

Would @CMPunk accept an invitation to visit Donald Trump at the White House? Not exactly. #UFC #UFC225

— Sports Illustrated MMA (@SI_MMA) June 7, 2018

In related news, we noted moments ago that CM Punk dropped some bombshell news while promoting UFC 225 that he is “done with professional wrestling”, clarifying comments he had made earlier this week. You can read more about that breaking news story at this link.

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