Complete WWE Draft Results From 6/11 Raw

The following wrestlers changed brands due to the WWE Draft on Raw tonight:

WWE Draft Results:
Pick #1 – The Great Khali with Runjin Singh (from RAW to SmackDown)
Pick #2 – The Boogeyman (from SmackDown to ECW)
Pick #3 – King Booker with Sharmell (from SmackDown to RAW)
Pick #4 – Chris Benoit (from SmackDown to ECW)
Pick #5 – Torrie Wilson (from RAW to SmackDown)
Pick #6 – Chris Masters (from RAW to SmackDown)
Pick #7 – Bobby Lashley (from ECW to RAW)
Pick #8 – Ric Flair (from RAW to SmackDown)
Pick #9 – Snitsky (from ECW to RAW)
Pick #10 – Mr. Kennedy (from SmackDown to RAW)

And that’s not all! The WWE Draft will continue this Wednesday on at noon. They are calling it the WWE Supplemental Draft. This draft will likely consist of several undercard wrestlers changing brands.

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