Critically Endangered Red Wolf Pups Born at Lincoln Park Zoo

CHICAGO — Four critically endangered red wolf pups have been born in Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo. The litter — two male and two female pups — are spending their first month in a den while nursing and gaining strength.

“Scientists estimate there are less than 30 red wolves left in their native habitat of North Carolina meaning species is on the very brink of extinction in the wild,” said Dan Boehm, a curator at Lincoln Park Zoo. “We could not be more ecstatic for the arrival of these pups to help save this species and bolster the population.”

The pups’ mother, Becca, and father, Rhett, were recommended to breed as part of the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan, a cooperative effort among Association of Zoos and Aquariums institutions to save species. This is the first Red Wolf litter for the zoo since 2010.

Red wolf cubs typically stay in the den for the first month as they surpass critical milestones such as nursing, opening their eyes, and gaining strength. The pups have yet to venture from the den but have received their first veterinary check-ups.

Since 2005, Lincoln Park Zoo has been involved in the Red Wolf Recovery Program to try and assist the wild population with cross-fostering of zoo-born pups into wild family groups and other reintroduction efforts. Since that time, Lincoln Park Zoo scientists also conducted a Population Viability Analysis, a computer model which helped to evaluate different management scenarios for the zoo and wild populations and scientific advice to the recovery program.

The future status of the North Carolina wild population is uncertain, but the Red Wolf Species Survival Plan and Lincoln Park Zoo will continue to work toward long-term recovery efforts.

Zoo guests can support the pups and Lincoln Park Zoo in its care and conservation endeavors by purchasing an item from the zoo’s Wish List.

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Just in time for Mother’s Day, guests can also ADOPT a red wolf to support world-class care for red wolf Becca and her pups all year long.

Red wolves are named for their red-tinged fur and are typically smaller than their ‘cousin’ grey wolves, weighing in around 90 pounds. Native to the eastern United States, red wolves were driven toward extinction after decades of hunting. The species was targeted as a perceived threat to livestock, but research has shown the wolves primarily pursue non-domestic prey such as rabbits, deer and small mammals.

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