David Arquette Talks About Being Hated Backstage After Winning WCW World Title

Former WCW World Heavyweight Champion and Hollywood actor David Arquette recently appeared as a guest on the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast for an in-depth interview promoting his upcoming return to the ring, where he will wrestle RJ City for the Championship Wrestling from Hollywood independent wrestling promotion.

During the interview, Arquette spoke about infamously winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship during the “Vince Russo era” in World Championship Wrestling (WCW) back in 2000.

“There was a lot of hatred, and a lot of people got so pissed off,” said Arquette. “I remember telling one wrestler, I’m not sure who it was, wasn’t Bam Bam Bigelow, but it was someone who hadn’t ever been the champion before. And he was just so pissed. I was like I don’t know what to say, man. You know, that was my first inkling on how sort of upset people were gonna get, and obviously, I get it. These people dedicate their lives, I have nothing but respect for wrestlers. To this day, I haven’t taken a dime for wrestling… I get it.”

Arquette continued, talking about the fact that he has been training for his return to the squared circle for a little over a month now.

“I’ve just been training for a little over a month now, and I get it,” said Arquette. “I mean, it’s painful. It’s intense. It takes a ton of hard work. These people go in and out every day working on themselves and working on their craft. So I get it… I always respected the business. I just sort of had an opportunity that I think a lot of people would have made the same decision if they were in that situation. And it’s sort of a dream come true for me, so I was like, ‘yeah. This is amazing.'”

Check out the complete episode of the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast featuring the David Arquette interview at SundayNightsMainEvent.com.