Does Brock Lesnar Have Creative Control In His WWE Deal?, Joseph Conners WWE UK Hype Video, Cathy Kelley Dance Party

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer recently responded to a fan question regarding how much creative control Brock Lesnar has in WWE.

Meltzer stated that there is nothing in his contract to earn any creative power, although he did state that Brock and Paul certainly offer opinions and Vince listens to them, although it is Vince McMahon who makes the final decisions regardless.

Don’t think anything is in his contract, but Vince listens to him and Paul and takes their ideas under advisement, but make no mistake, it is Vince’s call whatever happens.

— Dave Meltzer (@davemeltzerWON) June 1, 2018

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Joseph Conners WWE UK Video Package

WWE has continued promoting its WWE UK Championship stars for the upcoming tournament which begins this week and the latest has featured Joseph Conners who claims he will maim and savage anyone who gets in his way.

Time to take the @WWE Universe in a whole new direction@WWEUK @WWEUKCT

— Joseph Conners (@JosephConners) June 4, 2018

Cathy Kelley Has Dance Party

WWE broadcaster, Cathy Kelley posted an image of herself at work stating she is having to have dance parties in between sets in order to stay awake so early in the morning.

Dance party in between takes bc how else are we supposed to stay awake this early on a Monday morning

— Cathy Kelley (@catherinekelley) June 4, 2018