"Don’t Agonize, Organize!": Internet Defenders Erupt to Kill FCC's Plan to Kill Net Neutrality

Defenders of the Internet have promised one “hell of a fight”—and now that day is here.

Following last week’s official publication of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s net neutrality repeal plan in the Federal Register, Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday countered by introducing joint resolutions—one in the House and an identical one in the Senate—that would nullify the agency-approved rule.

Filed under the authority of the Congressional Review Act (CRA), the resolutions are viewed by Internet defenders as the best avenue to block the effort by Pai, a former lobbyist for Verizon, which would destroy the foundational rules that have governed the flow of content and online traffic since the web was first created.

In the House, the resolution was introduced by Rep. Michael Doyle (D-PA). In the Senate, Sen. Markey (D-Mass.) is leading the charge.

“It’s hard to imagine a better or more popular use for the CRA than restoring network neutrality,” said Jay Stanley, senior policy analyst with the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project, in reaction. “Net neutrality is overwhelmingly popular across the country—recent polling shows 83 percent of voters support net neutrality, including 75 percent of Republicans, 89 percent of Democrats and 86 percent of independents.”


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