Ellen DeGeneres: Trump Transgender Military Limit is 'Hatred'

TV talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres slammed the Trump administration on Thursday, claiming that the limit on transgender soldiers serving in the military is about “hatred.”

“Tomorrow, the President’s ban on transgender people serving their country goes into effect. This isn’t about budgets. It’s hatred,” Ellen DeGeneres said.

Despite widespread reporting that the military is going to “ban” transgender soldiers, this is not true. The military is instituting certain restrictions on transgender people serving in the military, but not banning them outright.

As Breitbart News’ Ken Klukowski reported in January:

However, this hasn’t stopped Hollywood activists from going into full rage mode at the Trump administration over these rules.

Sarah Silverman declared in January that transgender troops are actually more brave than other troops, while The View host Meghan McCain called Trump’s decision “indefensible” as well as “unfair, un-American, and dangerous policy.”

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