Eric Bischoff Calls Bret Hart A "Sad, Bitter Person", TNA Star Shaves His Head

— Eric Bischoff, who once considered Bret Hart a friend, now views “The Hitman” in a negative light. When asked for comment on the legendary wrestler on Twitter, he responded, “Another sad, bitter person. Too many of them in this business.”

Bischoff made similar comments two years ago during an interview with Monday Night Mayhem shortly after Hart railed the TNA Wrestling executive producer and Hulk Hogan via Twitter: “I feel sad for Bret, because Bret is one of those people, and there are a lot of them, he’s the type of person that needs someone to hate in order to feel significant himself.”

— TNA X Division Champion Austin Aries turns 34 years old today. He will celebrate his birthday by competing in Lethal Lockdown tonight at TNA Lockdown.

— Kazarian will sport an all-new look when he competes in tonight’s Lethal Lockdown match at TNA Lockdown. The TNA veteran cut off his trademark long hair as he appeared at Saturday’s Lockdown Fanfest with a shaved head.

*PHOTO* of Kazarian’s new look ->