Former WWE Stars Interested In Joining TNA, Update On Taylor Wilde and Sarita

— On this week’s episode of TNA Xplosion, which airs internationally, a backstage segment ran teasing dissension between Sarita and Taylor Wilde.

During the segment, Sarita is seen sulking on a bench in the women’s locker room with her tag team partner inquiring why she’s upset. Sarita says she was supposed to be in a tag match ‘tonight’, but found out she was scratched from the card. Wilde then assures Sarita that her match against Daffney — which takes place later in the show — was merely a ‘luck of the draw’. Sarita expresses more displeasure, indicating they’ve lost traction since losing the Knockout Tag Team Championship and that she wanted ‘tonight’ to be the starting point to get back to the top. Wilde says she needs her support and what’s good for her is good for Sarita. Sarita them mumbles in Spanish before the segment concludes.

Daffney was originally declared the winner of her Xplosion match with Wilde, but Sarita protested the referee’s decision, informing him that she used an illegal object. Referee Andrew Thomas searches Daffney and finds a chain, calling for the match to be restarted. The match concludes when Sarita trips Daffney from the outside, allowing Wilde to roll her up for the pin.

— Jon Heidenreich, a former WWE Tag Team Champion, was backstage at Slammiversary looking for work.

Meanwhile, former WWE performer Kenn Doane recently noted the following on his Twitter account: “tna scouting for talent….. um…… im right here.”

The former WWE Tag Team Champion worked a tryout dark match for the organization in March, but was not hired for undisclosed reasons.

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