Four best teams to Prague

Trento, Thessaloniki and Odintsovo claimed 3:0 home victories and qualified to Prague. Macerata confirmed qualification to Champions League Final Four in Kazan.

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Macerata won home game against Kazan 3:0. One set was enough for the italian team to qualify. The 24 minutes of the first set is all that Macerata needed to obtain its ticket to the Champions League Final Four. Setter Valerio Vermiglio played superbly, keeping Kazan guessing at the net and offering its attack a great percentage. Macerata will therefore take part in its third Final Four in Prague. Once the qualification was secured, it was time for the turnover. In the end, and just for the record, the Russian won the game at the tie-break.

In Thessaloniki, in front of 3500 fans, Iraklis defeated again Germany┬┤s VfB Friedrichshafen in three straight sets and thus qualified to the Final Four for the fifth time in the history of this competition. Marcus Nilsson was once again the outstanding player for the hosts. The Greeks scored the first set 25-18 and they booked their qualification for the Final Four. After the game Iraklis coach Flavio Gulinelli said: “We played well and we succeed in clinching the qualification to the Final Four. Our fans helped us a lot and we want them to travel with us to Prague. We will go there not to watch the games. We will go and try for the best”

For the first time of its history it qualified for the Champions League Final Four, which will take place ont eh 4th and 5th of April in Prague. The future did not look that bright on the eve of the game with Vissotto, Kaziyski and Della Lunga doubtful but the mediacal staff managed to send both Vissotto and Kaziyski into play from the start of the game. The Brazilian and Winiarski were the main men in the first set against Czestchowa. Once the first set was won, it became a lot easier for Grbic and co, who cruised to a straigth set win. “It s a great result but it is still a starting point” – stated local coach Radostin Stoytchev – “we worked hard to sail to the Final Four and we are obviously very happy to have reached our aim. Now we have to retrieve some injured players and think also about the Italian National League but all in all today we played very well”.

Great duel was expected in Odintsovo. Belchatow after 3:2 victory had a good chance before the game. But the chances of Polish champions become very low from the beginning of the match. Russian┬┤s did not allow to opponent almost anything, dominating the game with 3:0 victory.

According to the regulations of the competition, there will be a hundred percent Italian semi final between Macerata and Trentino. The other semi final will put face to face the Greek team of Iraklis Salonmicco, coached by Italian Flavio Gulinelli, against Odintsovo.

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