Girl Hit by a Volleyball Goes Partially Blind, Sues her School for $20 Million

A Staten Island girl, Takeya Karim, has recently filed a lawsuit against Dreyfus intermediate school for $20 million as she became partially blind after a game of volleyball.

Karim was allegedly forced to play volleyball by her former PE teacher despite her medical history which does not allow her to take part in any contact sports.

During that game, which took place back in May 2014, Takeya was hit by a volleyball in the face, leading to ‘swelling and complete loss of vision in her left eye’, according to the notice written by her father Idrees Karim.

The father himself was not found for comment. There is also no further information about Takeya’s medical history and why she cannot participate in sports such as volleyball.

The charges filed by Takeya and her father are currently being reviewed, says the spokesman of New York City’s Law Department Nicholas Paolucci.

The Educational Department so far refrains from making any comments.


Photo Source: New York Daily News

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