HHH Negative On 'Jackass' Angle, SNME Rating, Sable & Brock

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

There is more and more negative sentiment regarding the ‘Jackass’ idea at SummerSlam. Triple H wants none of the top stars to have anything to do with them. There is also a push to limit their involvement to one match instead of the proposed three.

The 6/2 Saturday Night’s Main Event actually show did a 1.78 rating, not a 2.2 like previously reported. The show drew 2.72 million viewers. The show did beat out the Stanley Cup Finals, which did a 1.1 rating. The number for SNME would still have to be considered bad as the average summer rerun of SNL does a 2.8 rating, costs no extra money (NBC pays WWE for the show), and NBC can sell ads for triple the amount in comparison to pro wrestling. Cena’s match with Khali started out with a 2.7 rating, but the show lost 22% of its audience (918,000) within the first ten minutes. The ratings continued to fall, but with a late night show, that’s to be expected, but no other segment had that enormous of a drop. The Filay & Hornswoggle vs. Boogeyman & Little Boogeyman match lost 450,000 viewers. The last half hour of the show was at the 1.4 level.

To promote Brock Lesnar’s MMA match on Showtime, they showed a video package of Brock Lesnar at home. Brock’s wife, the former Rena “Sable” Mero was shown in the video package. Sable commented on her husband’s decision to enter the MMA business. They also showed footage of the two walking across a field. You can see pictures of how Sable looks like now at this link.

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