Hip-Hop Star Wale Interested In Working For WWE

Hip-hop artist Wale, who was backstage at Monday’s WWE RAW show in Miami, Florida, recently spoke with TMZ about his desire to work for WWE. The rapper said the following to the celebrity-gossip website about wanting to work for the biggest sports entertainment company on the planet.

“I actually want to work there, and I don’t know if [Vince McMahon and Triple H] heard about good Wale or bad Wale. Or if they even know what a Wale is.”

The rap star was rumored to be banned from all WWE events after getting involved in an altercation with a fan at a WWE event in 2014. A WWE rep, however, told TMZ that he was never banned from WWE events.

Wale posted the following photos of himself with Triple H, The Rock, Vince McMahon and others backstage at RAW in Miami this past Monday evening.

too sweet me bro

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Attitude era Rap

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Enzo spifftv x Albertooooooo

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