Interbrand Match Possibly Being Added, Show vs. Henry, McMahon's Decisions

sources:, Wrestling Observer

— Backstage, it’s going around that a match between Jeff Hardy and MVP could be added to tonight’s Judgment Day pay-per-view. At least at one point, the match was listed on the line-up backstage.

— There appears to be some confusion regarding a Big Show vs. Mark Henry match taking place tonight at Judgment Day. does not have the match listed in the Judgment Day section, however, the match was mentioned in the SmackDown report, but later pulled. The POWER 25 section on notes that a match is taking place between the two behemoths, although, they may have forgotten to change it. The caption for Big Show in the latest POWER 25 reads: “After proving to be so dominant against the top competitors for the World Heavyweight Championship last week, Big Show picked up a big tag team win over MVP & his Judgment Day opponent, Mark Henry.”

— A number of the finishes and angles for tonight’s Judgment Day pay-per-view were up in the air as late as today. Vince McMahon read through the script of the show on Friday, but wouldn’t finalize some of the match finishes. Some of the finishes for tonight’s show weren’t fully decided until today.

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