Intern's Dash To Break News Of Manafort Conviction Wins Internet

ALEXANDRIA, VA—The running of the interns is a well known tradition in the DC area. Typically it involves interns at media outlets dashing out of the Supreme Court to be the first to break news of major court decisions. (Recording devices aren’t allowed in the federal courthouse.)

This week, however, interns were in the spotlight for delivering the news of Paul Manafort’s conviction in Alexandria federal court. One intern’s dash from the courthouse in particular won the internet.

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Photographers and camera crews captured NBC News intern Cassie Semyon’s sprint to announce the jury’s verdict Tuesday, leaving the internet wondering who the sprinting reporter in the blue dress was. Social media users have been using the #GoBlueDressGo hashtag demanding she get a raise or a permanent job.

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In a tweet, Semyon identified herself as the blue dress journalist and thanked Associated Press photographer Jacquelyn Martin for snapping the photo. Semyon’s profile identifies her as a current Temple student. Runner’s World reported that she ran cross country in high school.

Added Semyon on Twitter: “Those cross country running days did me good.”

Image via Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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