Is WWE Going to Bring Back the Tough Enough Reality Show?

WWE executives are bandying about an idea to bring back Tough Enough with this version featuring contestants on the road with the WWE roster as they all travel together on a tour bus, according to a PWInsider report. 
The new concept would center around weekly competitions, eliminations and a build up to one winner being crowned for the season. The winner would earn a WWE contract. The new series is rumored to combine elements of past incarnations of Tough Enough, the Diva Search and the reality era of the WWE NXT programming as the company looks for another dominant female superstar. WWE has wanted to revive the Diva Search for a while.
Previous reports in the week back the PWInsider report as apparently WWE has recently filed trademark protection of the Tough Enough name for merchandising. For those who never watched Tough Enough, here’s a clip of the previous version of the show: 

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