Jake Roberts Talks Hulk Hogan's CCW, New 'Snake Tales' DVD, Young Talent, More

Show: The Interactive Interview courtesy of www.WrestlingEpicenter.com
Guest: Jake “The Snake” Roberts
Date: 11/3/08
Your Hosts: Patrick Kelley, James Walsh, & Nick Noel
Transcript By: Patrick Kelley

Jake “The Snake” Roberts is one of the most accomplished and controversial wrestlers in pro wrestling history. His style has garnered him the reputation of being one of the best minds in wrestling history. Yet, his reputation doesn’t stop there. Regardless what you think of the “Snake Man” as Randy Savage would call him, you have to respect him.

In 2003, The Interactive Interview did a 3 part interview with Jake Roberts that has become legendary winning Audio Wrestling’s Interview of the Year and receiving more interviews than most in our 6 year history. In 2008, we don’t have quite the same amount of time with Jake but must admit are glad to have the opportunity to touch base with him again and help him promote his great, and hilarious, new DVD series titled “Snake Tales”.

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– Last time the Snake joined TII, he was in the UK. “I’m an American, that helps!” Jake joked back. He said he’d had enough of the bad food and bad weather. “Three and a half years was enough.”

– He had done a few things with WWE & TNA in recent years, but when asked about what he thinks of the American Circuit, he says its better to call it the “American Circus” because there is so much wrong with it.

– He specifically mentions that he doesn’t like Hardcore wrestling and says he didn’t like The Molnster’s Ball that he refereed. He says he thinks it doesn’t sell tickets, and feels that technical wrestling will always work.

– Jake also says its hard to tell who the Good Guys and Bad Guys are today, saying that they “Prostituted something that was pretty simple to begin with” He feels that a sense of Right & Wrong needs to be in wrestling.

– He writes reviews of Raw, and when asked if he is doing it to get attention, Jake says he’s only doing it because he loves wrestling and if they read what he has to say and change some things, then thats great. He does not want a job with WWE: “I wouldn’t last 15 minutes up there cause I’d strangle somebody”

– Jake’s RAW reviews can be found on his myspace page and, since the completion of the interview, will now be posted on www.WrestlingEpicenter.com as editorials by Jake as well.

– He says proof of the old days being better is the success of WWE 24/7. James then brings up that the Classic Figures are more popular than the stars today. Jake says that is because the classic figures are of characters and not cookie cutter wrestlers.

– When talking about his WWE Pick Your Poison DVD, he said he did it to get attention. “I’m a whore, I’m a prostitute!” Jake says he wasn’t entirely happy with his WWE DVD. Patrick says he enjoyed it and felt it had a lot of Jake’s better work on it. Jake disagrees saying while what was on there was good, he feels his best work was with Mid South and Georgia Championship Wrestling.

– Jake’s other complaint about the WWE DVD is that he didn’t get a “big enough piece of the pie”.

– He loved his feud with Ronnie Garvin. He said people went home thinking it was a fight, and then jokes that “It was”

– He would love to train guys, but he says it takes a ton of commitment on both the trainers and the trainees. He said that things are so messed up, the hardest part would be erasing their minds of the wrong things, and teaching them the right way. He says some of the guys he watches, he thinks: “Its a shame. That kid is going to be crippled in 5 years and nobody will remember his name.”

– James then brings up Missy Hyatt’s point about seeing Finishing Moves in the early minutes. Jake specifically mentions the overuse of the DDT, but then points out that his DDT was better because it actually finished the match. He says the guys are destroying their own credibility.

– Going from the following, Jake says “If I hit you with 6 clotheslines and you get back up, who looks tougher? The answer is neither of us because we both look stupid.”

– When talking about Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, Jake immediately says “The Magic of Television” and points out all the editing that must have been done to make the celebrities look good. He really hated it and when asked if he feels it hurts the integrity of wrestling, Jake replies “I think it hurts the integrity of people that watch it!”

– Jake Roberts has a new DVD out and that is discussed. Jake had said that he wouldn’t write a book but instead would do videos and this might be the start of that. The first one, titled Snake Tales, is a collection of rib stories that came to him that he feels the fans would find as rib busters. He says there is some funny stuff in there and people will like hearing the stories.

– Jake is also auctioning off a unique opportunity to take part in a shoot interview version of Snake Tales. You can bid your way onto the panel to ask any and all questions you have for Jake. You can bid on this on eBay at the following URL: http://cgi.ebay.com/Jake-the-Snake-Robe … 286.c0.m14.

– Jake says he hopes Snake Tales will become the kind of DVD series that answers all the real questions and stays away from all the stupid ones he gets asked too often like “What was your favorite snake”. Jake jokes saying it was amazing how Damien always seemed to shrink and grow from week to week and that snakes don’t do that, there was at least 100 Damiens.

– You can pick up Snake Tales at Jake Roberts’ MySpace page located at http://www.myspace.com/officialjakeroberts.

– Lately we’ve been asking guests about the Chris Benoit Tragedy and the media’s handling of that. Jake says that it is disgusting how the media pounced all over it, saying that no good came out of it. He also says that we do not have the right to judge Benoit “Let God handle that” and says “I still love him.”

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