Jenna Morasca Discusses Her Departure From TNA, "Patriot Girl" Amy Vitale, More

— Jeff Wilen of the The Daytona Beach News-Journal recently conducted an interview with Florida area wrestling diva/manager/valet/model Amy Vitale regarding her work with Patriot Girls. The national organization, created in May 2007, supports and helps boost troop morale.

“I’ve been a Patriot Girl since the beginning of this year. I’ve been the spokesmodel — to make people be aware of us and what we do. It’s a very good thing. I’ve been doing stuff for the troops for awhile — collages and such,” Vitale said. “I have a little bit of a fan following and can get people aware of what we’re doing. I’m just trying to get the word out about the Patriot Girls. They all do voluntary work on their own time — car washes, golf events, Operation Shield. We try to raise money and materials.”

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— Jenna Morasca sat down with the staff of for an exclusive interview that took place on Tuesday, September 22, 2009. The Survivor winner discussed her recent release from TNA Wrestling, her match with Sharmell at Victory Road, boyfriend Ethan Zohn’s battle with cancer, World Wrestling Entertainment, and much more.

In response to her initial reaction upon being informed she was being let go by TNA, Morasca said: “SHOCK! I had requested two days off to be with my boyfriend as he underwent a very big surgery. My agent informed TNA I needed those days off and they said it was no problem at all to take the time off. They knew the surgery date. Then literally the night before his surgery they called my agent and fired me. I know the rumour was my contract was up and we both agreed to part ways but that is unfortunately not the case. I was shocked, we all were shocked. It really came out of nowhere. I was planning appearances for them this month, did the body scans for the action figures next year, I was planning to be with them for some time. It was a very sad day and very cruel timing. I very much miss all the talent too as I was forming real bonds with them. I still text them back and forth to see how everyone is doing.”

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— In today’s wrestling birthday, “Gorgeous” Jimmy Garvin turns 57 years old.

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