Jesse Ventura Running for President? WWE's Latest Creative WM24 Marketing Ploy

— The central theme of Jesse Ventura’s new book is whether the former wrestler and governor of Minnesota should run as an Independant for President of the United States later this year. Ventura writes:

“As I begin to write this book, I’m facing probably the most monumental decision of my 56 years on this planet. Will I run for president of the United States, as an independent, in 2008? Or will I stay as far away from the fray as possible, in a place with no electricity, on a remote beach in Mexico?”

Ventura goes back and forth on the issue throughout the book, weighing the pros and cons. “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me!” is due out on April 1st. (Thanks to for the quotes) reports WWE’s latest Wrestlemania XXIV marketing ploy is to advertise in boxing gyms in major cities across the country.

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