Jim Ross On Jon Jones Being A ‘Huge WrestleMania Attraction’

– WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross updated the blog section of his official website, JRsBarBQ.com, below are some of the highlights from J.R.’s latest entry.

“It is a legit head scratcher as to how this train wreck of a development could occur in a fighter’s camp who has already had multiple brushes with authorities. Many insiders are expecting Jones to be suspended for two years but the penalty could be longer. A four year suspension would essentially be the death penalty for Johnny Bones Jones’ MMA career as we know it.

How those running the camp and that are responsible for managing Jones have a great deal of explaining to do and let’s hope that the truth comes out on this matter sooner than later.

Rumors, and I stress rumors, have been casually discussed about Jones’ interest in a WWE appearance for quite some time and that might open the door for a pro wrestling bout versus Brock Lesnar in WWE and not a fight in UFC. Obviously, this potential match up would be a huge attraction and seems as if it’s is worthy of Wrestlemania consideration if all the stars were aligned. Stay tuned.”

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