Jim Ross Q&A: Tough Enough/Total Divas, WWE HOF Induction Process

The following are highlights of Jim Ross’ latest website Q&A update:

On who decides which legends are inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame: “I assume [Vince] McMahon makes the final decisions, but I can’t be sure as I don’t work there any longer but I’ve had the opportunity in the past when I did work there to make suggestions.”

On William Regal: “He’s in a good spot with his current responsibilities working with NXT and scouting indy wrestlers. He’s a great performer as well.”

On if he thinks shows like Total Divas and Tough Enough expose and hurt the business: “I think that we are well passed the world of going too far as it relates to the curtain being pulled back. So, no I don’t think that those types of shows hurt the business.”

On comedy in wrestling: “Comedy has its place if it is well executed and timely not to mention organic. Forced and poorly presented it is a turn off.”

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