John Cena Getting Married, Wrestlers Back On The Gas?, Mistico To WWE Rumors

sources: Wrestling Observer Newsletter,

— John Cena is getting married. He is engaged to his long-time girlfriend Liz, who he proposed to in late September.

— Don’t be surprised if you see some WWE wrestlers regain their former sizes. The feeling is that the heat is off. On the heels of the Chris Benoit double murder-suicide, Vince McMahon called a meeting to notify talent to get off whatever they were using, especially considering that Congress was looking over their shoulder. Now that steroids in pro wrestling isn’t going to be subject to Congressional hearings, and the chances of hearings on the topic taking place anytime in the near future are slim to none, things will likely be reverting back to how they were again in WWE.

— There was a story going around claiming that CMLL wrestler Mistico had signed a five-year contract with World Wrestling Entertainent and that he was going to debut at the Royal Rumble. He was then going to go to Ohio Valley Wrestling for six months. As it turns out, it was Dia de la Innocents, the Mexican equivalent to the U.S. version of April Fools Day. This story was completely made up by Super Luchas magazine, a popular wrestling magazine in Mexico.

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