Kevin Owens Reacts Angrily To Being A Round Three Draft Pick

During the first night of the WWE Draft, Kevin Owens was moved to the WWE Raw brand, but he wasn’t picked until round three.

Despite being one of the most popular wrestlers in WWE lately, KO didn’t get selected until late on in the draft, and Owens reacted to that on social media.

He revealed that the WWE digital team asked him to do an interview afterwards, which he did, giving them an honest and heartfelt answer. However, WWE opted to not post the footage due to him appearing angry, and KO admitted he was angry.

Kevin Owens then went on to state it looks like he has got a lot left to prove.

Last night, the @WWE digital team asked me for my thoughts after I was drafted to #Raw.

I gave them a very honest, heartfelt answer. They decided not to post the footage because I appeared to be angry.

I was angry. I still am.

Round 3…

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Looks like I still have lots to prove.

— Kevin (@FightOwensFight) October 12, 2019