Khali's Health Worsening, ECW Ref Firing, What Happened To The Raw Overrun?

source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— For the past two weeks, Raw has been ending exactly at 11:00 p.m. The reason for this is because the USA Network is running Olympic programming that has to start on time and they ordered WWE to end Raw exactly at 11 p.m. for a few weeks. WWE will go back to the overruns after the U.S. Open, which I believe is the Raw after next week’s show.

— ECW referee Wes Adams was apparently released over a screw-up in a finish during the main event of the 8/12 ECW between John Morrison & The Miz vs. Mark Henry & Matt Hardy. The Miz was supposed to save Morrison after a super side effect, but he missed his cue to break up a pinfall attempt from Matt Hardy. Morrison ended up trying to kick out at the last split-second when he realized Miz wasn’t coming in to break it up. That wasn’t supposed to be the finish as it seemingly came out of nowhere. Adams counted the pinfall nonetheless as WWE referees have been instructed to call every match as a shoot. When the match was over, you could tell that everyone was confused. Adams is being used as scapegoat for the incident, but a number of people in WWE believe he was a victim of a circumstance that wasn’t his fault.
They feel Adams was only doing his job as he was instructed because if a wrestler doesn’t raise his/her shoulder up by the three count, you count them down and end the match. Adams had a reputation in WWE for getting to the shows early, and staying late as well. A number of people figured he’d be in WWE for as long as he wanted. Adams is now taking on bookings as a wrestler on the independent circuit.

— The Great Khali’s knees are said to be shot these days. However, he has declined on getting them operated on yet again.

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