Marshmello Wins the WWE 24/7 Title in Smackdown Backstage Segment

American music producer and DJ, Marshmello, was one of many special guests invited to this Friday night’s huge WWE Smackdown debut on FOX – but he was certainly the only one to win a championship during his visit.

Marshmello, whose hit single “Alone” currently has 1.48 billion views on YouTube (yes, that’s “billion” with a “B” and not a typo) was involved in a backstage segment involving WWE 24/7 Champion Carmella, her bestie R-Truth and the Bella Twins, who were also visiting.

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When a confused Otis from Heavy Machinery mistook the DJ for a real-life marshmallow, carrying a big bucket of chocolate and graham crackers, Marshmello ended up accidentally falling on top of Carmella to win the title, before running off into the night. While not included below, the Statin Island princess did win the belt back before the night was over.