Mick Foley Says He's Making A Dramatic Change, Hulk Hogan's Wildest Interviews

— Mick Foley stated Wednesday via Twitter that he has been advised to lessen his time in front of a computer due to his history of concussions.

“Strange but true news of the day: two leading concussion experts have advised me to cut back dramatically on my time in front of a computer,” he wrote. “So, I’ll have to make some changes, including the amount of time I spend reading and answering my Twitter messages. Hope you understand.”

— WWE.com had uploaded ten of Hulk Hogan’s “wildest interviews”: “In the heat of battle, Hulk Hogan has said some things that make you go “Huh?” Relive some of The Hulkster’s wildest interviews, where he talks about things like hanging and banging on the Titanic and unleashing The U.S. Constitution on his opponents. You might also find out where the power lies…” (Watch)

— WWE.com has added Lord Tensai’s servant Sakamoto to the Raw Superstars page.

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