Mick Foley Talks About WWE vs. TNA, Bobby Lashley, Doing Stand-Up Comedy

TNA Superstar Mick Foley was interviewed this week by
” target=new>MiamiHerald.com and spoke about his time in TNA Wrestling, how TNA compares to WWE, Bobby Lashley in TNA and more. Foley also plugged his upcoming stand-up comedy debut – he’ll be appearing at the Improv comedy club in Hollywood, California on August 22nd. Some highlights from the interview:

Doing Stand-Up Comedy: “It’s the first official stand-up comedy engagement for me. I have spoken at many colleges, and I’ve made people laugh. I don’t want to try to emulate anybody out there. I’ve got some ideas. I’ve tried for so long to keep what I say and do in the roughly PG-13 area. It will be a real big relief, just for one night, to have a 21-and-older crowd to talk about things of a more risqué nature.” Aug. 22 at the Improv in Hollywood.

His Time In TNA So Far: “It has been a great experience in TNA. It’s been the best possible move I could have made. Really, just over the last few nights, I got my confidence back as far as being a singles wrestler. I don’t feel like every match coming up is a chance to destroy my legacy. I look at it as a way to possibly try out some new things. I used to really dread the possibility of having that bad singles match that people would look at and say, `I really wish he would have stayed retired for good.’

TNA vs. WWE: “This is the most fun I’ve had in at least 10 years, and I’m probably having more fun now than I was even then. I still felt some tension, book related tension, that was not WWE’s fault. This is a really good time in my life. I feel like I’m contributing. The schedule is not so grueling that I can’t have a good family life. I feel like the young guys like having me around. When something happens, some kind of circumstance or injury, I’m a credible guy to step in and go to bat”

Bobby Lashley “I think it’s huge for TNA to sign Bobby Lashley. Obviously, Vince McMahon saw his potential, and he really tapped Bobby as his next big superstar. That was well on the way to happening, when they had a falling out, and I think we’ll be able to benefit in a way WWE was not. Bobby’s a great a talent, a great guy, and he’s capable of having big matches with the best talent we have.”

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