More Details & Speculation on Brock Lesnar's New Contract Extension

— There appears to be conflicting information regarding the details of Brock Lesnar’s new contract extension with WWE. It was originally thought to be a short-term deal, but then an MMA reporter tweeted that it was actually a multi-year contract that would allow Lesnar to wrestle in both WWE and UFC.

— Dave Meltzer on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio indicated that while he doesn’t have a lot of information, it is a short term deal but that it does give Lesnar the option of fighting once in UFC. However, it is going to be at least six months until he can fight in UFC anyway due to having to serve out the rest of his suspension.

— Mike Johnson at PW Insider also speculated that the word going around the locker room last night is that Lesnar signed a short-term deal, perhaps just an extension to his old contract.

— Most believe that there’s a good chance Lesnar will drop the Universal title to Reigns later this month at the Saudi Arabia Greatest Royal Rumble Event.