More on Tonight's Raw: Braun Strowman, Undertaker, Roman Reigns, Finn Balor

— In regards to Roman Reigns’ announcement tonight on Raw, there were rumors going around that it was to either challenge or announce that he was looking to face the Undertaker again at Summerslam. However, according to Dave Meltzer of, Undertaker is not at Raw and the announcement is not related to him nor is Taker supposed to be Reigns’ SummerSlam opponent.

— Meltzer goes on to add that while he does not have confirmation if Braun Strowman is at tonight’s venue for Raw, but that he is due back any day now and that it wouldn’t surprise him to see Strowman return on the show tonight.

— Finn Balor, who has not been on Raw for the last couple of weeks, is expected to return on tonight’s show.

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