Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown Live Aug. 6, 2019

Tonight is the last show for WWE before SummerSlam this Sunday.
SmackDown Live is…live tonight from Detroit, Michigan.
SmackDown Live starts with The Queen Charlotte Flair and she’s here to talk smack (I miss that show) about Trish Stratus. Oh no, her hilight reel got replaced with the visual resume of Trish instead! Someone fire the guy in the truck.

Trish comes out to confirm everything Charlotte was saying about wanting one more big match to prove something to herself. Honestly, I hope she puts on a show on Sunday.
Oh ha ha ha Dolph Ziggler is mocking Goldberg and his entrance…
Match #1: Singles Match
Dolph Ziggler v Rey Mysterio
Dolph jumps Mysterio before the match starts. Tries to rip off his mask (why is this a thing now…Bischoff) and then hits him with his bargain store superkick.

Match End: No contest
The Ziggler v nostalgia gimmick keeps going…
Ali runs down and takes out Ziggler. That’s unexpected. Guess this “gets official during the break”

Match #2: Singles Match
Dolph Ziggler v Ali
Was it so hard to say Mustafa Ali?
Short match here.
Match End: Ziggler pins Ali after he hits him with his weak Superkick. Sorry Ali, back to being irrelevant.
Recap of the multiple attempted murders of Roman Reigns.
Wait a second…they had a camera on the car that hit Roman on RAW? C’mon man…really? I suspend my disbelief a lot with WWE, but really? Ugh…
Anyway, Roman had an interview about almost being killed twice in a week. Says WWE has offered him personal security. Please be the APA!
Match #3: Singles Match
Natalya v Ember Moon
This match is billed as a Challenger v Challenger match. I’ll take this instead of having the challengers a champions facing each other in a tag match.
I’m really digging the mean Natalya these weeks. Her and Ember take it to the outside and Natalya slaps on the Sharpshooter while the ref counts to 10. This is over.
Match End: Double count out
Bayley comes out and prys Natalya off of Ember Moon in some sort of sportsmanship move? Last week she slammed Ember. Whatever.
It’s time for The Kevin Owens Show with special guest Shane McMahon.
KO demands that Shane put his career on the line along with his a career at SummerSlam. Shane of course says no. It sucks that Shane McMahon is the best heel in WWE right now, but he does such a good job at it.
Shane challenges KO to a fight and then Elias jumped KO and the numbers game eventually catches up with KO, even after a stunner to Elias. Shane then flips the announce table onto KO pinning him under it then sets up a chair on his face and drop kicks it.
“Best” part of all this? They end the segment with a camera angle that clearly shows that KO isn’t pinned at all because THE TABLE FLIP THING IS AWFUL!
Sami Zayn is up next to mock Aleister Black and set up their match at SummerSlam…but Aleister Black shows up and says that their match isn’t Sunday…it’s tonight! Sweet!
Match #4: Singles Match
Sami Zayn v Aleister Black
Sami gets the early lead in this one, but predictably Black turns the tide easily.
Match End: Aleister Black his Sami with Black Mass and pins him for the win.
Big E and Xavier Woods are show backstage and Big E is just pouring bottles of water on himself non stop for some reason.
We get one last episode of Firefly Fun House before SummerSlam and boy was it great. Having Bray being Bray only in the Funhouse and The Fiend outside it is perfect. The Funhouse Bray explains what’s happening, then The Fiend acts out the aggressive. Clearly someone not named Vince is writing this.
Oh hey, Chad Gable is still around. Elias shows up and totally buries him and walks off.
Randy Orton v Kofi Kingston hype video is shown. I really like the real history between these two. Wise to use that as the build.
Main Event: Tag Team Match
SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day v Daniel Bryan & Rowan
Daniel Bryan still looking very somber, disgusted, or dissapointed take your pick. Still here to wrestle though.
The crowd is on fire for this match and they should be!
This was one hell of a tag match and just as it was working to the climax Rowan hits Woods with the ring steps.
Match End: The New Day win via DQ
After the match Daniel Bryan and Rowan continue to beat on The New Day. Hopefully setting up a lot more matches like this one.
Roman Reigns walks into the locker room and wants some answers. Tells everyone to leave, but sits down Buddy Murphy for a chat. Buddy acts tough and gets his ass whooped until he gives up a name.
Rowan? Really? Rowan?
Camera cuts to Daniel Bryan and Rowan standing in the ring watching the scene play out. Daniel looks…conflicted like he has for weeks now and Rowan looks like Rowan.
Well that took a turn I didn’t see coming. Is Daniel Bryan responsible? They have my attention.
That’s it for this week. I hope to see you at our SummerSlam Watch Party on Sunday. Click the link on the front page for more details and to buy tickets (it’s a donation to charity). Come chant and cheer with us.