Multiple Stars Work Final Indie Dates This Weekend At AAW; Update on ACH’s ‘Goodbye’ Match

Brody King, who recently signed a three-year exclusive contract with Ring of Honor, dropped the AAW Championship to Sami Callihan this Saturday night in a steel cage match to wrap up a long, bitter feud between the two. It was confirmed to us that it would be King’s last booking with the promotion.

Jeff Cobb also worked his last show for AAW. The ROH World TV Champion was written out of the WRSTLING faction after an attack from leader David Starr and Eddie Kingston. Indie stand-outs Curt Stallion and Jake Something joined the group later in the evening, attack Callihan after the main event to start a new story where Starr will likely be chasing the title. 

Many assumed ACH, who has been rumored to sign with WWE in early 2019, would be working his final match for AAW as well. He has become a mainstay for the promotion in recent years, and actually held the AAW Championship earlier this year.

He faced Eddie Kingston in a grudge match that many thought was his final bout, but he later on confirmed that he would have one final date with the promotion to officially say goodbye.

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